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Stafford strives to develop communities that you can age in, thrive in, and are adaptable for the future.  We develop land into property that people love and enjoy.  Let’s build a future that people want. 

Land Acquisitions

Owner-to-owner transactions for quality deals without the middleman.  We work with property owners which provide an equitable deal for all.

Feasibility Assesments

Understanding whether a project will work is important to our team.  We assess the project to find out what makes it successful.


Navigating laws when adding property to a city is challenging.  We work with cities to make the process as easy as possible

Project Management

Developments stay on track with our team of qualified project managers.   Experience and talent is what makes Stafford’s communities successful.


Our team has the expertise to rezone property for development.  Experience helps cover the details to make a solid application.


Navigating the process of obtaining government approvals for land development is challenging. We have the capacity and know how to bring projects to fruition

Civil Construction Permitting

Experience helps cover all the details to ensure a project is moving forward.   We handle the details to make sure the community is successful.

Land Clearing and Preparation

Our team excavates, removes, and reuses.    Stafford’s team can handle your excavation needs. 


Establish HOAs

HOAs are essential to creating a vibrant long-lasting community.  We write the laws that make communities that last.

Our Projects

Hayden Canyon, Hayden Idaho

Hayden Canyon, Hayden Idaho

Hayden Canyon610 Acre Residential Development in Hayden, Idaho. Project Summary Hayden Canyon is located in the city of Hayden, Idaho—immediately adjacent to the resort town of Coeur d’Alene, 25 miles east of Spokane, Washington, and 100 miles south of the Canadian...

Smith Creek Woodburn

Smith Creek Woodburn

Project Summary Smith Creek is an approximately 140-acre project located in Woodburn, Oregon. Our development began with the annexation of (4) properties southwest of Woodburn. These parcels are currently within the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) and designated for...

Baker Creek South

Baker Creek South

About Baker Creek SouthBaker Creek subdivision is a 138-acre Mixed Use Master Plan project located in McMinnville, Oregon.  102 acres of the plat are within the city limits and the balance are to remain farm land, wetlands and open space to benefit the property and...

Our Partners

Need Excavation Services?

We have an experienced team in all things excavation.  Let us get the job done right with demolition, grading, utilities and more.

Stafford’s Approach to Development



Oregon’s housing shortage means that 中国比特币平易平台homes need to be affordable.  Stafford builds communities with the goal to provide accessible 中国比特币平易平台homes that are priced to match any stage of life.  



We plan lot sizes to create diverse communities. We do this through a balance of 中国比特币平易平台home options for first-time 中国比特币平易平台home buyers, 中国比特币平易平台homes with ADU options, and multifamily housing.


Having options, no matter the stage of life is important. About 35% of 中国比特币平易平台home buyers are looking for a 中国比特币平易平台home in the zip code. Our master designed communities provide the layout for everything from multifamily to single-family dwelling.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Our experience in building ranges 2-lot partitions to multi-phased master planned communities..  Projects with 200 中国比特币平易平台home dwelling units with community centers, parks, walk ways, and safety built throughout.  We know how to build a welcoming community.   We partner with builders and realtors to complete projects and sell 中国比特币平易平台homes.  Check out our current portfolio of projects.


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